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Prairie Modern

by Hutchinson Andrew Trio

Prairie Modern consists of 13 original tracks that are a reflection of the vast array of musical and personal influences growing up in Canada's Prairies. The album released March 19, 2013, features 6 tracks with Grammy-nominated saxophonist Donny McCaslin and 3 tracks with Brazilian percussion star Rogério Boccato. The music represents the harmony, beauty, energy and excitement of the modern Canadian West. 'Prairie Modern' has been nominated for a 2013 Western Canadian Music Award - for Outstanding Jazz Recording of the Year, the third nomination for the band. It was also featured by Downbeat Magazine's as the Editor's Pick for July 2013, and also been reviewed by AllAboutJazz.com. Winner of the 2013 TD Grand Jazz Award, Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Strange Days

by Chris Andrew

Strange Days is a reflection of a very personal and musical journey, that he has travelled over the past few years. Instead of words, Chris tells us of his story in the language he speaks best, the language of jazz. In its own way, 'Strange Days' takes us through the joys and sorrows, and triumphs and tragedies that we all have experienced at one time or another. Although each song on the album has its own story, Chris hopes that the listener can superimpose the music into their own lives to help reflect upon their own unique personal journey. The albums features Ralph Bowen (OTB, Orrin Evans) on tenor sax, Donald Edwards (Mingus Big Band, Mark Whitfield) on drums, John Benitez (Eddie Palmeiri, Danilo Perez) on bass, and Joe Magnarelli (Harry Connick Jr., Ray Baretto) on drums. 'Strange Days' is an album of catharsis and growth, and most importantly the joy of discovery.

Music Box

by Hutchinson Andrew Trio

The Hutchinson Andrew Trio's sophomore album "Music Box" climbed the jazz charts across Canada. In the album's forward, Tommy Banks says "It is clear, in the comfort and fluidity of what they're doing here, that they are musically wise and creative beyond their respective years." The beautiful melodies, mixed with the improvisational skills expressed in this album, are a pleasure to listen to for both veteran and new jazz listeners. Music Box features jazz heavyweight Ralph Bowen on saxophones, and was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award and TD Grand Jazz Award.


by DADS Trio

DADS Trio is comprised of Rubim de Toledo (bass), Chris Andrew (piano) and Sandro Dominelli (drums). Their debut project album features 8 original compositions, including "The Fog" and "QE2" by Chris.

truth be told

by Kris

This album was a medium for Chris to explore his programming talents. The album covers many styles including rap, R&B, acid jazz, latin pop, and pop - there is something here for everybody! Featured vocalists include Johanna Sillanpaa (Sillan & Young), Roger Audio (Bass is Base), and Juno nominee Melody Diachun.

Lost but not forgotten

by Hutchinson Andrew Trio

The Hutchinson Andrew Trio's debut album is a very "accessible" jazz album and has garnered much acclaim, including a 2006 Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Jazz Recording. Produced by Aaron Young, Kodi Hutchinson and Chris Andrew, "Lost but not forgotten" is a landmark that will be enjoyed for years to come - defiantly not to be forgotten.

Not So Fast

by Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew's first solo-composed album, "Not So Fast" features 10 contemporary jazz tracks. Each song suggests a story, an exploration. From the exuberant buoyancy of "Aaight" to the introspective acumen of "Reflections," and the confident authority of "Not So Fast," this album weaves together the emotional layers that make us human. The Chris Andrew Trio is rounded out by bassist Mike Lent (Jann Arden, kd lang) and Juno-nominated drummer Sandro Dominelli.

Production Credits

Sheryl Sewepagaham (2014)
Eric Darius - On a Mission (2010)
Johanna Sillanpaa - One wish (2007)
Kris - truth be told (2006)
Kelly Allana - All in Good Time (2002)

Co-produced a series of 10 albums for Rawlco Radio:
Smooth Jazz Hits Volume One
Smooth Jazz Hits Volume Two
Smooth Jazz Hits Volume Three
Instrumental Hits Volume One
Instrumental Hits Volume Two
Standards Tribute
Bacharach Tribute
Jazzin’ The 60s
Jazzin’ The 70s
Soul Tribute

Majority of Compositions

Bomba - Cuatro Caminos (2009)
Johanna Sillanpaa - Good Life (2008) WCMA Nominee
Bomba - Entre Sol Y Luz (2005) WCMA Nominee
Dave Babcock - Happenstance (2004)
Bomba - A me mi Gusta (2003)
Bomba - Lo que Bomba te da (2001)
Maracujah (1996)

Other Recordings

Marco Clavier - Origins (2014)
Rubim de Toledo - The Bridge (2014)
Audrey Ochoa - Trombone and other delights (2014)
Don Berner - Love letters to a rat free capital (2013)
Chandelle Rimmer - “Perspect-ism (2013)
Kira Lynn - Something like Love (2012)
Johanna Sillanpaa - Make of Me (2012)
Karl Schwonik - 1+4 (2011)
Peter Manley - Up all Night (2011)
Karl Schwonik - Visions from the Farm (2010)
Karen Porka - Butterfly Bridges (2010)
Eric Darius - On a Mission (2010)
Kerstin Vaughan - Awake in Love (2010) 
Tyler Hornby - A road to Remember (2010)
Dave Babcock - Jump To It (2010)
Rubim de Toledo - The River (2009)
More Rocky mountain fairy tales (2009)
Bomba - Cuatro Caminos (2009)
2Island Girls (2009)
Thea Neuman - Lady and the Tramps (2009)
Ralf Buschmeyer - Renewal (2009)
Sillan and Young - Under my Feet (2008)
The Valliant Thieves (2008)
Dave Olson - Be Still (2008)
Chrystal Plamondon - Torch (2008)
Rubim de Toledo - Seu Swing (2007)
Jeremy Coates - Notes by Coates (2007)
Dave Renter - Everywhere I go (2007)
Johanna Sillanpaa - One Wish (2007)
Ralf Buschmeyer - EST 1968 (2006)
Jim Brenan - The Spectre (2006)
Sandro Dominelli - Passages (2006)
George Koufogiannakis - Explorations in improvised music (2006)
Diana Stabel - Wave (2006)
Christina Schmolke - The First Time (2006)
Paul Brandt - A Gift (2006)
Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration (2005) 
Reclaim Volume One (2004)
Sandro Dominelli - Meet me in the alley (2004)
Bomba - A mi me Gusta (2003)
Kelly Allana - All in good time (2002) 
Bomba - Lo Que Bomba te da (2001)
Jonny Summers - Johnny Summers Quartet (2000)
Wendy Mcneill - What’s your whiskey baby? (2000)
Mary Boyes - The waters of March (2000)
Tim Tamashiro - Ai (1999)
Jim Brenan - Jim Brenan (1998)
PJ Perry - PJ Perry Quintet (1993)
Jump Orchestra - Both Feet (1993)
Michael Hope - The Quintessential Cole Porter (1997)


Alberta Music Sampler (2013)
Perfect Pairing Wine and Jazz (2011)
Rocky Mountain Jazz Compilation  (2009)
Beatniq Jazz "Anthology Volume I" (2009)
Made in Alberta (2007)